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In Houston, most houses do not have basements, due to our clay soil. This can make it difficult to spot a leaky foundation. However, early foundation leak repair can save you a great deal of money and many headaches in the future. So how can you tell if your home foundation is leaking? Check out these simple tips.

Wall Cracks
Have you noticed any new cracks above your doors or along the baseboards? Maybe some of those cracks have become larger lately. These cracks can be a sign your foundation has shifted, and this can form cracks in the cement which will leak when it rains.

Houston summers can be very dry and this causes black gumbo clay to shrink and it can even pull away from your home’s foundation. Then, when the rains come later in the year, the soil swells and this constant movement can cause foundations to crack. In fact, the shifting can be so significant it can actually break water pipes.

Wet or Damp Floors
Are there any damp spots on your floors? Maybe your carpeting is starting to mildew in areas or your tile flooring has cracked tiles? Perhaps your linoleum floors are forming bubbles. Do you have white powder spots in your garage? If water is underneath the floors it will eventually find its way upward.

Water Pressure
Has your water pressure been lower than normal for some time? Check with your neighbors and find out if their water pressure is low. If not, you could have a leak because some foundation problems can cause plumbing leaks.

High Water Bills
Has your water bill been higher than normal lately? This usually means you have some type of plumbing leak under the house and you need to take care of this issue as soon as possible. If you suspect a leak, make sure all the plumbing in the house is turned off and check out the meter. Meter movement denotes water flow and your meter should not be moving when all the plumbing is off.

Get Professional Help
If you suspect foundation leaks, you should consider contacting a professional foundation leak repair service like Dura Pier. We do not charge you to check out your home and provide an estimate for the work. We are a family owned business serving the Houston area for three generations. Dura Pier uses the latest technology in repairs and can also fix problems your cracked foundations have caused. To contact us online and check out all of the services we provide, go to DuraPierFoundationRepair.com and to talk to us about a free estimate, call 1-800-856-3872. In the Houston area, call us at 721-8888.