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I really appreciate the crew that came to my home. They were very neat and professional, and I could tell they’d worked together as a team for a long time. Also, it was nice to have someone here during the entire job who I could communicate with, and who was so knowledgeable. He answered all my questions, and explained the process as it took place. Great job!

Paul S.


Thanks again for taking the extra time with my landscaping. I had just spent a lot of money on it, even though I should have waited until after the foundation repair. Everything looks like it did when you started my job. They checked my sprinkler system before and after, and left it working properly, and even re-adjusted a few sprinkler heads to work better. Kudos.

Rodney W.

Sugar Land

This is my second review for your company. I wrote one 11 years ago when you repaired our garage, and those piers are still holding great. Now that we needed piers on our house, we were so thankful that you were still in business. None of the companies we interviewed last time are even still in business. We even had the same foreman, and most of the same workers as last time, and they remembered us!

Sandra C.


I usually don’t comment or write reviews, but we were so happy with how things turned out. Neighbors had told us all kinds of horror stories about their foundation repair experiences, and we were apprehensive. We’re so glad we hired you, because none of that bad stuff happened to us. Now I know why the BBB gives your company their highest award every year!

Barbara S.


Great cleanup. My wife was out of town for a few days, and when she got back, was upset that you hadn’t been here while she was gone. When I told her you’d already finished, she couldn’t believe it. We walked all around our yard, and there were almost no traces that work had been done.

Harlan P.


Your foreman and crew did a great job, and everything flowed so smoothly. They arrived on time, got set up right away, and finished in just 2 days. I’ve never seen a more hardworking group of guys. Thanks again.

Brian D.


Thanks again for doing everything as promised. My husband was skeptical at first, but you were so professional, and did everything right on time. He didn’t think you could level our house in such a short time. Now, he’s telling our neighbors like he’s the one who chose Dura Pier!

Helen R.

Sugar Land

Thanks to your staff and crew for a job well done, and for keeping me informed along the way. They explained the process, and how the pilings lock together. Your engineer’s certification gave us that extra confidence that everything was done right. I think they did a great cleanup too.

Robert D.


Fantastic job! All my doors work again, and my windows open. You raised my house almost 4 inches, and no new cracks appeared. My tile didn’t even crack. Thanks again for taking such good care of everything!

Eugene W.


I’m an engineer and I appreciate having your engineer’s certification that the pilings were installed to the right depths, and at the right hydraulic pressures. If I ever sell my house, your engineer’s drawing will give the buyer added confidence that my foundation was repaired correctly, and will last.

Charles R.


Great job! All my cracks closed up, and now my doors work right. The cleanup was fantastic, and they even repaired my sprinkler system. Please add me to your referral list.

Lisa P.

Sugar Land

I’m glad I chose Dura Pier over the others we talked to. You weren’t the most expensive, but not the least either. The thing I liked most was that you included a lot of the cleanup services in your price. No one else offered to do those, and we would have had to hire other contractors to do them. You adjusted all my doors, fixed all my mortar cracks, and did a great job with my landscaping. Your plumber tested my sewer pipes, and repaired a small leak at no extra charge. Thanks again.

Deborah P.

Missouri City

Thanks to your great crew for the extra care they took with the inside of my house, especially my antique furniture. We were so worried that some of it would be damaged. Your men moved everything out of the way so carefully, covered it securely with plastic, and then put it all back like it was when you finished. We had very little dust, and no damage to anything.

Luis C.


I really want to recommend you and your company to others. Of all the estimates we got, you explained everything best, and then your men did everything you told us without any problems. I really liked your bolted system, and your engineer’s report that certified the work was done right.

Tom W.


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