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Man Repairing a FoundationFoundation repair technology and solutions in Houston have changed significantly over the past decades. This is partly due to new technologies; another reason is that many of the new homes being built today are larger and heavier than in the past. As Houston continues to grow exponentially, new tracts of land are being developed, many of which were formerly pastures or farmland. These new areas have never had the demands that new neighborhoods require, especially the loads that new homes exert on the soil. Civil and Structural Engineers are constantly striving to improve foundation designs, and the underpinning systems that provide support.

When to Get Your Foundation Repaired

During Houston’s dry, hot summers, the moisture in the soil quickly evaporates. As the moisture leaves, the soil contracts and shrinks, causing the foundation’s support system to fail. When the winter rains begin, the soil re-hydrates, and the black gumbo clay swells. This repeating weather cycle causes tremendous fluctuations in the levelness and stability of shallow foundation structures, as evidenced by doors that stick, and cracks in walls. If left alone and not repaired promptly, the foundation will eventually settle enough that the foundation will crack.

All homes in the Houston area should be built with Piers or Pilings during construction. Unfortunately most are not, requiring foundation repair sooner or later. The heavier a home is, and the older it gets, the more vulnerable to foundation settlement it becomes. You may find yourself asking, “When should I get my foundation repaired?” The answer is as soon as possible. Waiting can cause a minor problem area to get bigger, until it can eventually encompass the entire structure. As the foundation settles, it can also cause failure in other important parts of your home, like the roof, the under-slab sewer system, and cracks in walls and floors. If foundation repairs are made at the onset of warning signs, you will get to save more later on.

If you suspect that you may have a problem, the best thing to do is to contact our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist for a free, no-obligation inspection. If the settlement is relatively minor, we may only recommend some preventative measures. Please refer to our Preventative Maintenance Page for tips on preventing the need for home foundation repair in Houston, TX.

Choose Dura Pier Foundation Repair Solutions in Houston

At Dura Pier, we are an industry leader with new construction designs and techniques, and the latest technology to repair under-designed foundations. We know the risks and benefits for each technology. When your foundation starts exhibiting signs of settlement, our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist (CFRS), will tailor the right repair solution that best fits your particular situation. It could be as simple as a few maintenance tips, or it could be a minor amount of piers or pilings. It’s always best to repair the problem area of your foundation right away, fix it right the first time, and hopefully delay the need for more foundation repairs to other areas of your home.

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