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Reliable Foundation Repair Solutions by Dura Pier

Since 1986 Dura Pier Foundation Repair has provided reliable solutions for foundation problems in homes all around the Houston area. During that time, we have learned a great deal about the changing soil conditions that our extreme weather conditions create. Each home is different, and not one type of repair is right for each one. Dura Pier provides several foundation repair solutions for homeowners, and we explain the pros and cons of each one after your inspection report is ready.

There are 2 main foundation underpinning systems on the market, and Dura Pier installs both. The Dura Lock Piling System and Deep Drilled Bell Bottom Piers. Both methods are FHA and VA approved, and both have specific applications in the foundation repair industry. The right one for you will be determined by several factors including soil characteristics and conditions, and load transfer calculations. Our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist (CFRS) will design and recommend a repair plan based on your individual situation and circumstances.

Other potential foundation repair solutions are also available from Dura Pier. Some of these include Moisture Maintenance Systems, Deep Root Barriers, and French Drain Systems. If these are viable options, our CFRS will explain how each system works, the benefits, the cost, and a written estimate.

We invite you to read more about each solution here on the web site. Then give us a call for your Free Inspection. You may also request for more information for by filling out our Contact Form found in the Contact page.

Dura Pier Dura Lock Piling System

Dura Pier Dura Lock Pilings, designed over 20 years ago by engineers who sought to maximize the longevity of foundation repairs, are the only piling system on the market that actually connects and tensions each and every concrete cylinder as they are hydraulically driven into the soil. The secret is a…

Bell Bottom Piers

Over 50 years ago, the Bell Bottom Pier method was developed to underpin lightweight residential structures. At one time, it was the only foundation repair system available, and has served well over all these years. Because of the many benefits it delivers in certain situations, Bell Bottom piers provide a viable solution for some homeowners.

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