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Have you been suspicious that your home may have foundation problems? If so, you are not alone. Many people today are dealing with older or vintage homes that have unhealthy foundation issues. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your foundation problems are serious enough to deem calling in a professional. If you have been trying to decide whether or not your foundation has serious problems or not, then you may have come to the right place. Take a look at the information below to learn the five clear signs that indicate a poor or attention-worthy foundation in order to care for your home responsibly.

Sign One: Your Floors Are Uneven
If your floor is sloping or slanted, even slightly, you may need to seriously consider calling a foundation repair company. Sloping floors are serious indicators of severe foundation problems, and slanting floors only get worse over time.

Sign Two: Cracks
If your home has hairline fractures or large cracks, you may want to consider contacting a reputable leveling company. Cracks only grow over time, and growing cracks lead to a slowly degenerating foundation that is unhealthy and hazardous.

Sign Three: Spaces
Are there odd spaces forming between walls and floors or between tiles? These spaces are not only unsightly, but also dangerous for little feet and ultimately harmful toward the longevity and health of your home. If you do not apply immediate care, the cost of repair may grow over time as well – and nobody wants that.

Sign Four: Door and Window Problems
If your doors or windows are not shutting completely or get “stuck” on a regular basis, then it may be time for a foundation check up. Why? When doors and windows do not align, it may indicate that you have slanting or uneven floors, which are unacceptable.

Sign Five: Bowing
Bowing walls are walls that appear concave or convex to the eye. If you run your hand over a bowing wall, then you may feel a curve instead of a straight and aligned surface. Bowing walls may be an indicator of disproportionate weight, a very dangerous issue that can result in collapse over time.

Keep these indicators of foundation problems in mind as you try to determine whether or not your foundation is in need of professional repair help. While you may be able to patch up a small crack in your bathroom tile, it may be a little harder to hide a slanting floor or bowing wall. Not only are these problems eyesores, but also dangers to you and your loved ones. Keep your home safe and sturdy by honestly evaluating and ordering appropriate repairs.