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The Woodlands community was the brainchild of oil billionaire, George Mitchell, who was a pioneer in hydraulic fracking. He envisioned a suburban community north of Houston that would attract businesses and be outside of the high taxes in Harris County. Originally the area was a conglomeration of lumber mills and camps, and heavily forested. Trees still dominate the landscape, causing newer residents to get lost without visible landmarks or signs and billboards. The Woodlands Mall is very popular, and boasts a river walk similar to the one in San Antonio, and a music venue named after Mr. Mitchell’s wife, Cynthia.

The Woodlands TX

The land is classified as the Gulf Costal Plains, and consists of sandy clays that have a moderate shrink – swell potential. Most homes in The Woodlands are large 2 story structures that are very heavy. The sand component and the heavier homes limit the potential for swelling of soils with the seasonal fluctuations in moisture contents. There is a likelihood that foundation movement will occur in The Woodlands, but it is usually just settlement, not the up and down variety that Houston is infamous for. Settlement is cause for foundation repair, largely because most homes have nice cosmetic finishes inside, and are expensive to repalce.

Foundation Repair Methods in The Woodlands Texas.

Both of the major foundation repair systems can be employed in The Woodlands, and with similar success. The key to longevity of the repair is installing whichever system correctly in the first place. With Bell Bottom Piers, the initial soil test and load calculation are critical. With the Pressed Piling System, driving the pilings straight, and to Depth-Of-Refusal is the most important consideration. Dura Pier Foundation Repair installs both methods, and our Civil Engineer certifies all out work for your protection.


Preventative Measures in The Woodlands Texas.

There are several prudent steps that can be taken when building new homes in The Woodlands that will save homeowners thousands of dollars later on in foundation repair costs. Likewise, there are things existing homeowners can do to protect mature homes. Dura Pier Foundation Repair offers a wide and encompassing array of preventative measures, and we can explain how they work, and the potential benefits over the long term.

The National Foundation Repair Association in The Woodlands Texas.

The NFRA has established guidelines for foundation repair in The Woodlands, and created a Certification Program for Foundation Repair Professionals. This consists of applicants passing a thorough engineering study, rigorous test, and then obtaining continuing education hours each year. Dura Pier Foundation Repair has passed this hurdle, and our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist has almost 30 years experience designing correct repair plans.


The Woodlands, Texas

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