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Houston Texas was founded in 1836 by the Allen brothers near Memorial Drive an Sawyer Avenue, and was named after famed hero of the battle for independence from Mexico, General Sam Houston. The city quickly grew into a major commercial center, and when oil was discovered in 1901, the population nearly doubled. Affectionately known as the Space City after the Johnson Space Center, Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States, with a population well over 2 million. Accented by the museum and theater districts, the Astrodome, and home to several universities, Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Houston TX

Houston is diverse, not only it’s ethnic population, but in the types of construction and types of soils that homes are built on. In the central district, homes are mainly built in the Pier and Beam variety. On the east side, Block and Base construction dominates. After WW II, the first GI homes were built in Garden Oaks near Ella Blvd. and West 34th Street on the near north side. To save money, a new technology was used; The slab-on-grade type of foundation. This construction is highly volatile depending on the type soil.

The soil types have great variety in a city the size of Houston. South of Interstate 10, and east of Hwy 59, black clay soils known as ‘Black Gumbo’ predominate. North of Interstate 10, the soil becomes sandy, and the clays get grey to brown. North of Conroe, the ground turns reddish. These differences are very important to the foundation that homes are built on. All of the clays have shrink-swell potential, but the Black Gumbo is the most hazardous to build a rigid structure.


Foundation Repair Systems available in Houston Texas.

Just as the types of construction vary, so do the types of foundation repair.

Dura Pier installs both major foundation repair systems, and we determine which one to recommend based upon the type soil you have, and the load to be carried. The best system will be the one that lasts the longest without needing to be re-adjusted, and has a Foundation Repair Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Often, preventative measures can at least delay the need for foundation repairs, some taken during initial construction, some for older homes.

Foundation Repair Considerations

When choosing a foundation repair company, experience is very important, and asking the right questions. Please follow this link to read a Company Comparison Checklist that provides most of the important questions that need to be asked during the foundation inspection. We also have reviews from your neighbors about the superior service provided by Dura Pier in our Testimonials.

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