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Foundation repair is a complicated business. There are many aspects to consider when hiring a foundation repair contractor. Most of these considerations have additional costs connected to them, and homeowners need to be aware of what to expect before signing on the dotted line. One of the most important considerations is the process of installing interior piers, and the costs associated with those options.

Dura Pier Foundation Repair taking measurements

Installing piers or pilings around the exterior perimeter of a structure has it’s own set of considerations, but pale in comparison to what’s involved when holes need to be dug inside a home. From floor coverings, to wall protection, to dust prevention and protection, there’s a lot to think about. We offer tunneling services to avoid the interior mess, but the high cost of this feature is usually cost prohibitive for most people, and working from the inside is the best option.

Dura Pier Foundation Repair - Prepping Home for work

Dura Pier Foundation Repair is a specialist in the area of installing interior piers. We’ve developed a process dubbed “Encapsulation Plus“, which enables us to care for your home like no other. Our process revolves around a commitment to prevention and protection, which is 9/10ths of the battle. Most of our preventative cleanup provisions are included standard in our proposals, but some require a nominal charge, which is always far less than a later contractor would charge to restore your home.

When we arrive at a home needing interior piers, the first thing we think about is protecting the contents. Homeowners have usually pre-removed pictures and other hanging decorations from walls, and have emptied furniture so that we can easily move them to secure locations. Our supervisor and employees will document the existing placement of furniture, so we can put it back in the same location upon completion. Once the contents have been re-located out of the way, we carefully cover them to prevent dust problems. Our unique way of sealing off furniture and contents is highly successful, preventing about 80% – 90% of dust penetration.

Foundation Repair - Plastic covering furniture and cabinets

The next step in the process is installing wall and ceiling plastic protection. Dust from jack-hammering holes in concrete can create quite a cloud, and without adequate controls, can drift throughout the entire home. Without this step of plastic protection, the dust will stick to walls and other surfaces, and require extensive and expensive cleaning before moving back in. Concrete dust can even permeate into the return air system for air conditioning, potentially harming the compressor.

The plastic is secured to the walls by stapling to the ceiling and taping to the floor. Once the job is completed, it is easily removed leaving scant traces of dust. Some of the benefits include the ability to have painters make repairs without washing down the walls first, and not having to send out furniture and other contents for cleaning. When you return to your home, it’s ready to re-occupy without waiting for days or weeks for someone to do extensive cleaning and re-set up your furniture.

After the walls and contents have been moved and protected, holes must be made in the concrete slab so piers can be installed. Before this happens, floor coverings need to be removed, sorted, and protected. Dura Pier has the in-house capability to remove and replace most floor materials. Carpets are carefully removed or rolled back, and then re-stretched upon job completion. Oak hardwood floors are removed without cross-cutting the boards, stored and stacked like a puzzle, and then side-nailed back in the way they came out. Tile and flagstone are removed by saw cutting along grout lines. Unfortunately, most tile can’t be salvaged for re-use, but flagstone and some rock tiles may be able to be saved for re-installation.

One of the major concerns about digging holes inside a home is what to do with the excavated dirt. In some cases, the excavated dirt is removed from the home via wheelbarrow. When this isn’t feasible, we install plywood slab protection. This process entails laying out sheets of plywood covering and protecting the interior concrete slab. Excavated dirt is placed on the plywood until it is backfilled, and then the plywood is simply picked up, leaving no wet spot on the concrete. This enables us to re-install floor coverings right away.

Concrete Repair - Dura Pier Foundation Repair

Another consideration about jack-hammering holes in concrete slabs is the repair of the concrete. Dura Pier is one of the last remaining companies in Houston to still utilize the process called “Neatly Chiseled and Seated Concrete Repairs.” This process actually seats the concrete patch into the surrounding concrete, helping to prevent moisture and termite penetration. Seating the concrete repairs also ensures a solid and level base for floor coverings to be installed or re-installed.

After a home has been leveled, our door expert will re-adjust your doors so they work properly. This process can be as simple as slight strike plate re-alignment, to actually ratcheting the door frame itself. In extreme cases, the door frame is completely removed, aligned, and re-installed. Rarely do we shave doors, reserving that option to a last resort, especially if the door has been shaved previously.

Adjusting Doors - Foundation Repair

Please take a few minutes and read our Company Comparison Checklist. Then compare what we offer to other foundation repair contractors services. Dura Pier has made a commitment over the last 30 years to be the best foundation repair company in Houston, and to offer the best clean-up services. Thank you for allowing our family the opportunity to serve yours.

Carter Davis,  Owner.

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