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Exterior Services of Dura Pier Foundation Repair

Foundation repair consists of a lot more than just digging holes and installing the piers or pilings. There are many other considerations that may not be realized until the job is in progress, or until completion. Consequently, the total cost of the foundation repair can’t be calculated until all of these other services are factored in.

Dura Pier Foundation Repair has built our reputation over 30 years by being the company with the most comprehensive list of clean-up services. Our slogan of “Treating your home as if it were our own“, is more than just words. We back it up with action. When we leave your home, we strive to put everything back the way we found it, saving you the added cost of hiring a host of subcontractors to finish and clean up our mess.

Foundation Repair Workstation

When we arrive at your home, the first thing we do is set up a work station that protects your lawn. This consists of sheets of plywood carefully arranged to support the concrete block materials we’ll be unloading. Additional sheets of plywood are placed on your lawn to protect from ruts being created by our wheelbarrows as we deliver materials to the pier locations. Each pier location has plywood protection so that as holes are dug, the excavated dirt can be stored until we’re ready to backfill our holes. Once the job is completed, we simply backtrack picking up the plywood as we go, leaving your lawn in good shape, without muddy traces of dirt mounds.

Foundation Repair - Protecting the Yard

As we dig holes, it’s often necessary to remove plants and shrubs. Our employees have been carefully trained to know the root structures of most plants, and to dig a big enough root ball to help the plant survive being transplanted for a few days. The removed plants are placed on the plywood lawn protection, or in receptacles provided by homeowners, and can be watered daily. Upon job completion, the plants are carefully put back. The added effort caring for your plants and lawns will save you the cost of extensive re-landscaping.

Another consideration common in the Houston area is caring for sprinkler and lawn drain systems. As holes are dug around the perimeter of the foundation, it is frequently necessary to temporarily remove sprinkler lines and spray heads. If French or other yard drain systems are present, they also require special attention.

Dura Pier installs yard drains and moisture maintenance systems, and our employees know how they work. This knowledge allows us to know the best way to protect them during the foundation repair, and to put them back the way we found them. Our policy is to test the system before we dig, and then test it again before we leave.

We believe that the person best able to prevent a problem, is the person with the power to cause the problem in the first place. This feature of our cleanup services can potentially save thousands of dollars having other contractors re-build systems that won’t work, and without the first-hand knowledge of where the problems are.

Dura Pier - holes in concrete

Many homes have concrete driveways, porches, and patios that must have holes jack hammered in them to allow the installation of the piers. This extra element of the job requires special measures to ensure the integrity of the concrete that has been affected. Dura Pier offers what is referred to as “Neatly Chiseled and Seated Concrete Repairs.” This special process actually seats the concrete patch into the hole, and resists sinking, cracking, and destroying the entire piece of concrete. For unique surfaces like pea gravel, we take special care to blend in the same color and size rocks when we make the concrete repair. The cost savings of this feature can be enormous, as new concrete prices have skyrocketed in recent years.

Dura Pier also has the capability of removing and re-installing wood decks where piers need to be installed. We carefully remove them, store the boards, and then re-screw or re-nail them back in place. If the wood is too rotted to be put back, and the homeowner will purchase new boards, Dura Pier will cut and install the new boards at a nominal charge.

We also take special care with flagstone, pavers, brick, and other specialty porch and patio materials. We remove them in such a way as to allow them to be replaced later. Underneath the patio materials is usually some type of concrete slab. Dura Pier will repair this with our neatly chiseled and seated concrete repair, and will temporarily re-install the cover material as possible. Others will need to permanently secure the surfaces once our under-laying concrete has completely cured, which could be a few weeks later.

Our family has always prided itself in leaving our jobs in as clean and restored condition as possible. Prevention and protection represents 9/10ths of that process, and we’ve built this service into the way we train our employees from day one. We call this unique service “One Source Responsibility“, and no other contractor has the same commitment to the total job as we do at Dura Pier.

As you read the Foundation Repair Agreement, please note that most of these special cleanup items have already been included in our price-per-pier. This is an extremely important piece of information to consider when selecting the ‘right’ foundation repair contractor. You have my personal promise to keep and protect the valuable trust you extend to our family as we repair your home. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.

Carter Davis,  CFRS,  Owner.

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