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The total cost of Foundation Repair can’t be measured by simply multiplying the number of piers by the price-per-pier. There are a lot of ‘hidden costs’ that homeowners must add in to get the final cost.

By far, the most important additional cost is the cleanup. In some cases, this can add up to thousands of dollars that homeowners must pay to put their homes back together after the foundation repair contractor drives away.

The price quoted by Dura Pier will almost always include the majority of these services, including Adjusting Doors, Sprinkler and Yard Drain responsibility, Re-landscaping, before and after Hydro-Static Sewer Leak tests, Re-stretching Carpets, interior plastic protection for furniture and walls, and chiseled and seated concrete repairs.

Someone must perform these services. If not your foundation repair contractor, then you will have to hire a host of later sub-contractors to put your home back together again. With Dura Pier, we specialize in a superior cleanup, and write everything down on our contract. After the repair, you can simply move right back in, without waiting months for other contractors to complete the repairs. Another benefit is having just one warranty, and avoiding the blame game later on.

Some of the other ‘hidden costs’ include piers that are sub-standard in quality.

You may save money today, but if the piers are too shallow, or not properly connected and aligned, the contractor will have to come back every couple of years to re-adjust their piers. The piers may be adjusted at no cost to you, but the cost to you of repairing sheetrock and painting, tile floors and the like can add up significantly over time.

Other considerations added to total cost include warranties that contain clauses allowing the contractor to void the warranty, or to charge more money later on. If you purchase a warranty that gets voided, you will have to start all over again with another foundation repair contractor. Other items include the cost to repair broken sewer lines or sprinkler systems, re-landscaping, wood deck or flagstone repair. The list goes on.

As you consider foundation repair, please download a copy of our Company Comparison Checklist, and then read your contract and warranty very carefully. When Dura Pier sends out our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist, he will explain all of these details to you, and write everything on your proposal. When you calculate the actual total cost, Dura Pier will save you thousands of dollars compared to contractors who don’t provide the cleanup services necessary to complete the job, and all on one warranty.