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Pier and beam foundations provide several benefits over slab type foundations. For example, they give you adequate crawl space and usually need fewer repairs. However, it is vital to take care of foundations in the Houston area, if you want to avoid costly pier and beam foundation repair bills. Here are some helpful tips to keep your foundation in good shape.

Moisture Maintenance System

The key to longevity of your Pier and Beam home is controlling the moisture under and around the perimeter of your structure. The interior support piers are highly susceptible to moisture, as mud causes the piers to sink. Around the exterior, too much moisture will negatively affect that component also.

Old school thought was that air flow under the structure was important to keep the soil dry. Many Pier and Beam homes have vents spaced equally along the sides, installed through the brick veneer, that facilitate circulation of air in the crawlspace.

As technology has advanced, so have methods for testing the moisture content of air molecules. It has been discovered that locales with high humidity levels also have high moisture in the air. Encouraging air to enter under the structure has facilitated excessively high moisture content in supporting soils, leading to high foundation maintenance costs.

The newest technology is to seal off the underside of the structure, and then install de-humidifiers to remove any excess moisture that does manage to get into the crawlspace.

Water is Your Enemy

Whether the water is entering the crawlspace through the air, or from cracks in your perimeter grade beam, the support soils will be damaged and eroded over time. Mud will form, or at least softer soils, and your piers will settle, causing cosmetic damage in walls, and eventually structural damage to the main foundation components.

Drainage System

Foundations need a good drainage system. The ground can become very dry in hot weather, and heavy rains may place water under the house, causing shifting problems, which can become serious. This can lead to rotted wood, termites, mold, and other moisture related problems.

A good drainage system will more than pay for itself over time, and a French drain system (professionally installed) is an effective way to prevent water from being trapped next to your house, which results in soil erosion. This type of system has cap spaces with grates in key areas, and trenches between them. In addition, large river rock is installed to prevent drain clogs and termites from getting to your house.

Check for Foundation Damage

If your walls are cracking (especially above doorways) or your doors seem to be out of alignment, your foundation may have shifted significantly. It might be too late to take care of minor issues, and you could need professional repairs.

We Are Here to Help

Dura Pier provides professional pier and beam foundation repair services. We can give you the best moisture maintenance system or drain system for your specific needs. We have an exclusive system for reducing the moisture content of the soils under your home, called “Encapsulation Plus”. We install Dura Lock Pilings or Deep Drilled Bell Bottom Piers to support the perimeter beams, and we have Code Base Assemblies to reinforce interior portions of your foundation.

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