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Dura Pier: Foundation Inspection Services

Are you interested in foundation inspection services? Dura Pier serves Houston, Clear Lake, Katy, Kingwood, and Missouri City with foundation inspection and repair services. In business since 1986, this family-owned company has a solid understanding of foundations in new and mature homes and would be happy to offer you an assessment.

Foundation Problems are Important to Address!

Do you have cracks or leaks in your foundation? Or are you under the impression the house has settled to the degree that it’s no longer level enough? Foundation problems can make things uneven and they can even be safety hazards. A foundation inspection can help you determine what the problem is and it can help you determine what your options are for addressing it.

Find Out About Foundation Repairs, Foundation Repair Costs, Etc.

If you want to know how much foundation cracks or leaks will cost to repair, a foundation inspection can include a quote that can help you prepare for those costs. Whether this is for your own home or for a home you are considering buying or selling, foundation problems are important and a skilled inspector can help you find out where things are at as well as help you determine the source of foundation problems.

Foundation inspections can also help you be proactive so that a small problem doesn’t turn into a big problem, an expensive problem, and a safety hazard. Dura Pier is available for foundation inspections and has a great reputation in Missouri City, Katy, Kingwood, Clear Lake, Houston, and the surrounding area.

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