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Dura Pier Foundation Repair FAQs

Many homeowners in the Houston area have never experienced a foundation repair first hand, and it can be hard to imagine all that’s involved. Watching a neighbor having it done, or talking about it with friends or co-workers, is not the same thing as having a contractor working at your own home. When it comes time to have your foundation repaired, there are many important concerns and questions that need to be answered. Because of the expensive nature of Foundation Repair, the most important consideration is choosing an experienced foundation repair contractor the first time. You don’t want start-up, or recently transplanted companies who are using your home to experiment on, or contractors who are using older technologies that have failed the test of time.

We recommend getting estimates from contractors who specialize in foundation repair and have been in business for at least 20 years. Make sure that the company has an A+ rating with the Houston Better Business Bureau, is in good standing with the Foundation Repair Association, and that the estimator is a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist (CFRS). The knowledge and experience factor can never be under-estimated.

After the CFRS has inspected your home and presented his findings, there are three main areas you will want answers about:

  1. What foundation repair methods do you offer, and why is one better than another?
  2. What are the terms of your warranty, and where is my copy of it to review?
  3. What cleanup items do you provide, and which are my responsibility?

Click here for our Company Comparison Checklist, which gives a good selection of important questions in these three main areas, and a brief answer from Dura Pier. Please print out a copy, and ask each estimator that inspects your home to provide their answers. As you can see, selecting the right contractor is much more than just who has the lowest price.

Below are a few more of the questions we are asked frequently.

Do you have a Lifetime Transferable Warranty, and what are the terms?

Yes, all of our Dura Lock Pilings are warranted for the life of your home, and it transfers to all future owners.

Our warranty doesn’t contain any “fine print”. It’s a simple, one page document, that doesn’t have a transfer fee, or minimum amounts of settlement before the warranty applies.

Our Lifetime Transferable Warranty is backed up by 3 generations of experience.

How long have you been in business?

Dura Pier began 26 years ago out of our father’s foundation repair business. His business began out of his father’s. We are proud to be the 3rd generation serving the Houston area, and are in the process of training the 4th generation.

How does your method of repair compare to other methods?

The best method has often been defined as the one with the least amount of maintenance. You don’t want a pier or piling system that needs re-adjustment every 2-3 years, leaving you with constant repair and re-decorating expenses inside your home. As you compare systems, keep in mind that our soil shrinks, swells, and shifts with Houston’s ever-changing weather patterns. The best foundation repair method will be the one that has the best ability to resist moving with the soil.

The straighter the pilings are driven into the ground, the better the soil friction they will attain. The better the soil friction, the longer they will last.

Our Dura Lock system is the only method that actually connects and tensions each and every concrete cylinder as they are driven into the ground. This allows proper alignment to be achieved, and retained, allowing the optimum amount of “Soil Friction” possible to be attained.

Do I need an Engineer?

Yes, Definitely. Engineers are required to stamp pier location drawings so permits can be secured.

Another important benefit of having an engineer is to certify that each and every piling was installed correctly. This process makes sure that each piling was actually driven to Depth-Of-Refusal, and that the Hydraulic Pressure was sufficient to support the structure for the long term.

Read your contract. It should have a written provision for this record of the depths and pressures, including the Engineer Of Record’s stamp. Not only do certified repairs protect you, they can help any future buyers feel more comfortable that the job was done right.

What about cleanup; Who's responsible for cleaning up the mess?
You’ll quickly see that no other contractor even comes close to the care Dura Pier takes in protecting your home, and doing an excellent cleanup before they leave.


Dura Pier has always invested a lot of time and training for our workers in providing the best cleanup. Please download and review the list of services we provide in our Company Comparison Checklist. You’ll find that no other Foundation Repair Contractor even comes close to how well we protect and restore your home. We treat your home as if it were our own.

Are you and your workers insured?
Yes, we have $1 million in General Liability, and all of our workers are covered by Texas Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Certificates will be provided upon request.

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