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A foundation is the part of any structure that is in direct contact with the ground. In fact, it carries the load of that structure to the ground. For residential construction, there are essentially two general categories for foundations:

  1. Concrete Slab
  2. Pier and Beam

For both types, foundation repair comes as part of the price tag of home ownership.

What Is A Concrete Slab Foundation?

The term “slab foundation” refers to the pouring of concrete on a surface that has been prepared to receive it. This could be soil or gravel. This method is intended to anchor the foundation and the attached structure into the soil. The intent is to reduce damage and the need for foundation repair. With the basic slab foundation, there is no basement. If you have a house constructed on a slab foundation, it was probably built by someone who saw this as an inexpensive and long lasting foundation for your home.

Slab Foundation Construction

The majority of residential foundations in Houston Texas are concrete slabs. This type appeared during the 1950s, and was frequently found in areas that did not suffer from shifts of the soil resulting from freezing followed by thawing.

After about 1968, almost all homes built in the United States were built with concrete slab foundations. Some homes had piers installed during initial construction, but most did not. Homes with nothing but a concrete slab over dirt were destined to eventually fail. This gave rise to the foundation repair industry, and today there are foundation repair companies nationwide, and a National Foundation Repair Association. The methods and quality of repairs range all over the map. You would have been hard pressed to find companies agreeing on the specifics.

In 1968, the appearance of the BRAB Bulletin altered this approach. It laid out the specifics for the design parameters. It also set the requirements for:

  • Climates
  • Structure loads
  • Soil types
  • Site conditions

In doing so, it reduced the instances of slab foundation repair for all the homeowners that followed the guidelines, by instituting a singular approach and methodology.

Slab Foundation Repair

There are many foundation companies in Houston and southeast Texas to choose from. Each company has a slightly different method, warranty, and outcome. Cost is also a huge factor. Cost is related to more than just the number of piers or pilings, and the cost of each. Cost is related to many things. the most important is the longevity of the repair. Piers that fail after a year or two, while initially less expensive, are not a good answer. Dura Pier Foundation Repair is an expert in repairing your home for the long term, and have warranties that are backed up by three generations of experience.

No foundation is safe from cracks and damage. While the soils in Texas may not freeze and thaw, they are subject to other issues that can cause damage. If cracks appear in your slab foundation, repair is necessary. Do not hesitate, as leaving the problem unresolved, can cause structural damage to your home. Talk to us. At Dura Pier, we can make the repairs and make your foundation once more a solid, secure and safe slab. DuraPierFoundationRepair.com