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The Certified Foundation Repair Specialist (CFRS) Program

The purpose of the National Foundation Repair Association Certification Program is to identify and promote those individuals in the industry who have shown superior knowledge, and a dedication to the ideals of the NFRA. These ideals include moral and professional integrity, compliance with local laws and ordinances, honest information in advertising and practice, and dedication to excellence.

The “Specialist Credential” is regarded as going beyond the normal standards of field work competency. Applicants are provided with a library of engineering and foundation repair methods study materials, across a wide spectrum, and must study diligently to pass a rigorous 3 hour, 150 question exam. The applicant is taken through many phases of common and critical thinking on foundation repair questions and circumstances using their practical experience and knowledge. The applicant must solve problems that occur regularly, or even rarely, and demonstrate a fluency in terminology.

Foundation Repair Certified Specialists in Houston, TX
Foundation Repair Association Member - Dura Pier Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

By foundation repair standards, the Certification is a “benchmark of credibility within the industry“. The NFRA is seeking to provide consumers with something to gauge the competency of the foundation repair estimator and the company he or she represents.

It is very important that the person performing your work is specifically qualified and trained to repair foundations using quality specific work knowledge to your particular situation and circumstance. To qualify, an applicant must have: – 2 years experience in the industry as an inspector or supervisor. – Continuous employment by an NFRA member. – Proof of moral and ethical good standing. – Score at least 75% on the exam. – Attain at least 8 hours of continuing education hours each year.

The Certified Foundation Repair Specialist (CFRS) Program seeks to recognize those individuals within the Foundation Repair industry who consistently demonstrate a profound dedication to the highest standards of knowledge, training, and integrity. Look for CFRS when choosing a foundation repair contractor, and benefit by years of trustworthy service.

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